Beach Badge, Issue #3

SUN AND SURF, sea breezes and salt water taffy. Rip currents and sand-in-your-swimsuit nostalgia.

BEACH BADGE is your entrée to the salt-encrusted, sand-clogged magic, mayhem, and mystery of the New Jersey Shore, as told by those who have lived it. From blistering August sands to the damp gauze of a winter sky,  captures the experience of local and benny alike through personal stories, essays, photography, and other artwork about or inspired by life at the shore…

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Table of contents


Nowhere to Be Found – Susan Cavanaugh

Nectarine Pits – Elaina Battista-Parsons

Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City – #BeachBadgeReads

Dirty Pig Rock – FB Cook

Say a Prayer – Laura Jackson

Advance to Boardwalk – Jill Moses

Training for Death – Nemetz

To Die on The Saint’s Floor – Lisa Carlson

1942: When War Came to the Jersey Shore – Thomas Minton

The Purple Dusk of Twilight Time – Mike Ricci

The Hotel on St. James Place – Molly Golubcow

Growing Up in the Other Atlantic City: Wash’s and the Northside – #BeachBadgeReads

St. James Place: Scene II – Davida Breier

Unfolded Slices – William Patrick Tandy

Greetings From – Garnet Whitby

The Hotel on St. James Place: Growing Up in Atlantic City Between the Boardwalk and the Holocaust – #BeachBadgeReads

Beach, Break & Brew: An Unprofessional’s Guide to Surfing, Eating, and Drinking at the Jersey Shore – Matthew DeVirgiliis

Let Dancing Replace Marching: The Jewel of the Jersey Shore Meets Rosemary’s Killer – Dan Taylor

Returning to Atlantic City – Jill Moses

Remedy – Kathy Curto

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