Beach Badge, Issue #2

Introduction | William Patrick Tandy

Wild Summer Nights, Part I | William Patrick Tandy

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeReads | Legends of Long Beach Island

The Summer of Sol | Mariette Papic

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeEats | Cats Luck/Steady Hand Café

The Asbury Park I Knew | Nemetz

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeReads | Jersey Shore Cop

Stuck in Forked River | Ken Bausert

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeReads | Castle Dracula & Dungeon

Salty in So Many Ways | Elaina Battista-Parsons

The Dollar Trick | Jack Masterson

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeReads | Under a Gull’s Wing

Words and Music, Doc | Ed Kemp

We the Losers | Matt Conte

Wild Summer Nights, Part II | William Patrick Tandy

Show Me How You Bleed | John Bazley

Life, Uh, Finds a Way | Jeff Cornell

Shore-igins of the Hungover Gourmet | Dan Taylor

You Are Never Too Old to Throw Up in a Neptune Bathroom | Rahne Alexander

Fear & Loathing in Atlantic City | Bill Amadeo

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeEats | Vegans Are Us

The Summer Weezer Covered Toto | Miriam Bryan

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeReads | New Jersey Fan Club

Dawn Patrol | Glen Binger

REVIEW | #BeachBadgeEats | Josie Kelly’s Public House

Wild Summer Nights, Part III | William Patrick Tandy

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