Beach Badge

BEACH BADGE is your entrée to the salt-encrusted, sand-clogged magic, mayhem, and mystery of the New Jersey Shore, as told by those who have lived it. From blistering August sands to the damp gauze of a winter sky, BEACH BADGE collects the experience of local and benny alike in the form of personal stories, essays, and other artwork about or inspired by life at the shore…

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“BEACH BADGE collects memories of Jersey Shore exploits,and reviews of current restaurants and books about the area. It’s a solid zine from cover to cover, but I do have favorites, like ‘Yo! It’s ILONA!’, about the brassy third wife of your uncle who turns out to be your shore savior.”
Aj Michel, Xerography Debt

In the debut issue:

INTRODUCTION by editor William Patrick Tandy
– NEMETZ ignores the flags to swim at his own peril
– DAVIDA GYPSY BREIER fights the rip current of nostalgia
– DAVID C. HACKNEY peers inside the jaws of the “Jersey Man-Eater”
RAHNE ALEXANDER finds herself in search of flour tortillas
– CAROLINE CLARKE storms the beaches of Avalon
– GARNET WHITBY rates his dad’s “ex-wife”
– ED KEMP beats the bennies
– Plus reviews for books, restaurants, and more!